Understall Sex

I was in my late twenties and had been frequenting one of my favourite haunts Waterloo Station for sex with older men. I had been sitting in one of the toilets with only my T shirt on and playing with my **** whilst waiting for some one to come into one of the vacant toilets either side of me. My **** was getting harder as I read some the messages that were written on the toilet walls when I heard the toilet door on the left hand side of me open and somebody enter the toilet. There was a peep hole in the wall so I had a look through it to see what the person next door was doing and could clearly see that guy was playing with his **** and had started to undress himself. My **** by know was fully erect and I wanted to see if the bloke next to me was interested in having oral sex with me, when suddenly a piece of paper was pushed thru the hole in the wall. I pulled the paper from the hole in the wall and read what was written on it which said "kneel down on the floor and let me feel your **** under the wall". Fantastic I thought to myself just what I have been waiting for some one to have sex with me. I wrote a short reply back asking how old he was and did he have a big **** as I love big ***** to play with and suck. Within in moments I had a reply back saying that he was in his early sixties and his **** was nearly 8" long and very thick, which immediately started me wanting it in my mouth. I then knelt down as he had asked me to and his arm soon came under the wall dividing us and he stated to play with my **** and fingering my *** hole which really turned me on. After a couple minutes he then knelt down so that I could play with his **** under the wall. His **** had a big mushroom head on it and as he had said it was very thick and at least 8" long and soon he started to move back and forth and I thought that he was going to shoot his **** without me taking his **** in my mouth as far as could and tasting his pre*** with my tongue. He then stood up and wrote another note which he pushed thru the hole in the wall and on it he said "that he was going take all his clothes off and lie down on the floor so that his **** would be under the wall and wanted me to **** it for him" to which I replied "hurry up as I am very horny at the moment and don't want wait any longer to have your fat **** in my mouth". Within a couple of seconds he had ******** off and was lying naked on the floor with his **** protruding underneath the wall that separated the toilets from each other. I quickly knelt down on the floor and began stroking his **** at first and then took it in mouth and began ******* and licking its head and then shaft all the way down to his *****. Soon his movements became more rapid as he attempted to face **** me under the wall with his thick ****. I then began to take as much of his thick shaft as I could in my mouth whilst I started to finger his *** hole at the same time. I could feel that he was going to *** very soon as his **** was now fully erect and stretching my mouth as much as I could take considering the positions we were both in. He then gradually started to jerk his body back and forth and within a couple of moments I could feel the first load of his *** hitting the back of my throat which I gladly swallowed and then another load and another until finally he withdrew his ****from my mouth and got up from from the floor. Soon however he was kneeling down again with his arm under the wall reaching out for my **** which need relieving of its own load of ***. He soon found my stiff **** and began ******* it gently at first and then more vigorously as I began playing with my nipples which were rock hard. Soon I could not hold back any longer and shot my **** into his hand which he removed from under the wall and licked it clean with his tongue. I sat back on the toilet and in couple of minutes there was another note pushed thru the wall which said "thanks that was a great blow job, just what I needed - bye" and with that the door opened and closed on the toilet next door. I thought to myself I never knew what he looked like, still never mind I got what I wanted a mouth load of ***and he a great blow job.
cox4blues cox4blues
61-65, M
Jan 26, 2012