To The Woods

There are some woods I go to in the Midlands which are very popular - there's always seven or eight cars in the car park. I have had many experiences there - you walk around for a bit and someone starts rubbing their ***** through their trousers so I do the same. We then get our ****** out and openly rub them We move to somewhere quiet and start wanking and sucking each other. Very often someone else comes to watch and probably join in. We go on until we come and then part not knowing who the other person is. Sometimes we pee on each other being careful not to wet our clothing.. Some people like to **** and I once saw a bloke who was leaning over a fence with his arse hole opened wide and there was a queue of men taking it in turns to **** him
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4 Responses Apr 8, 2012

Would you like to meet me in the New Forest or somewhere you know near Bournemouth?

Yes I would but I am not in the UK until 20th August could meet up then. What kind of things make you horny let me know on cox4blues lookin forward to hearing from you - Gray

What part of the New Forest do you find you get the most action especially as it is quite a large area.

It is difficult to tell you the best places unless you know your way round the forest. I know of at least three good spots. Should we meet, if so where. ? your place. What else do you like - ? water sports. You could try mailng me on tbc3 at and I'll send you a picture.

The best place I go to in the New Forest is Milkham car park which is near the Stoney Cross airfield (ex wartime). You can get sucked and wanked almost any day or evening and I have also been peed on there. You ocassionally see couples at it and I once found a woman who was inviting anyone to **** her.

Do you fancy meeting there for fun?

I live down in Bournemouth. So this place is good for some wanking & sucking and perhaps a bit you frequent it on a regular basis ???

I live between Salisbury and Southampton so I find the New Forest a good place to go. Where do you used. I never reckon to go to Bornemouth as the road are so complicated.

Please can you tell me where these woods / car park are located as I would love to visit them and be wanked / sucked off.

on the road to Stroud from Gloucester on the left just before the monastry on the right. Good hunting. Tell me how you get on. Where do you live?