The First Time Another Man Came In My Mouth

I was working somewhere just outside a provincial market town roughly twenty five years ago. My journey involved three buses there and three back.  This meant some time spent in the bus station waiting for connections.  I had been cottaging for a while but I had only started giving oral recently.  I had been off work with a bout of illness and I had struggled in that morning.  For some reason I always find it easier to become more aroused if I am ill or tired.  That morning I was both!

The toilets were quite utilitarian with metal walls and green paint flaking off. There were the usual ways of checking out the next cubicle, though, such as looking under the connecting wall. I seem to remember that there were also peep holes due to metal fittings that had gone missing. It was through one of these that I saw a man about my age (early thirties) wanking his stiff ****, which was an average size. My pulse was racing as I left my cubicle and opened the door to his. Unusually, he was standing on the toilet bowl and ************ with his penis out of his fly. He was slim, blonde and had one of those floppy metal hairstyles. I got closer to him when he hissed "Suck me"! I didn't feel entirely happy but I felt compelled to do it. I moved my mouth and head back and forth along his shaft for about a minute when all of a sudden I felt something on the back of my tongue. It just seemed to appear there and, stupid though it may seem, I couldn't work out what had happened straight away. It was only when he had cleaned himself up and left that I worked out that he had come in my mouth! I spat it out (I never swallowed in case of STDs). I actually felt quite unsure about it at first, However, when I eventually got to work I was sent home because they felt I was still not well. I then spent the rest of the day trying (without success, if you'll excuse the pun) to find someone else to suck! After that I took a fair few, some of which I'll recount on here later on.
Tempest69 Tempest69
51-55, M
Oct 3, 2012