Last Week

it was last monday i had the day off work and i got bord of sitting round the house and i was getting a bit horny too so i grabed my poppers and condom lube and went out to a park toilet not too far but far enough away nice big cubical so i went in was empty went in cubical it had a small peep hole nice
was a bit cold but ok so i slipped out of my bottoms and sat in my new knee socks white love them
so then i notice some one come in the cubical next dorr i had been there a good half hour before this so was well horny now . i peeped though hole and saw a older skinny guy playing with himself pants round ankles not too hairy he peeped at me too i was so hard now and up for it i had a little sniff and passed bottle under to him he took it and sniffed a long sniff too then he was at my door tapping genty i let him im as i fas having a big sniff now he dropped and stepped out off his pants . andhe sniffed again his **** was nice and slim i sat down and give it a little suck he moned and put his hand on my head i sucked more and sniffed more we then swapped and he sucked me gently i love that
we kissed and i ut the condom on him and then turned round this was my first anal i was very excited i took a big sniff as he slipped it in WOW he ^%&$$% for a good 15 minuts then i felt him fill the condom
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Dec 14, 2012