My First Time

I had been visiting public toilets for a few months previous to my first experience with another man. I would get so hard reading the messages on the cubical walls and had even written a coule of messages myself to see if there was any response. One sunday morning I drove to a town around 20 miles away from where I lived (didn't want to bump into anyone I knew) as I pulled up in the car park there was only 1 other car with a guy in it reading a newspaper he looked to be around 40-50 yrs old with grey hair and a beard. At this time I was in my early 20's. I parked up and went into the toilets to read some of the messages, I had been there around 3 minutes when I heard somebody enter the building. The cubical I was sitting in faced the urinals and had a hole just under the bolt, as I looked through the hole I saw the grey haired man from the other car. He unziped himself and was just standing there then I'm sure he must of sensed that I was watching because he slowly turned round so he was facing the cubicals stroking his ****.

Then he walked over to my cubical bent down and looked in at me I backed away from the hole and sat on the toilet then he spoke telling me to unlock the door. I was really nervous at first as I had not had any experiences with other guys up till this time but I stood and unlocked the door, he pushed the door open and entered the cubical locking the door behind him. He was facing me and I was backed up against the wall when he stepped up close and started to kiss me on the mouth this shocked me a bit at first but I soon found myself kissing him back and even opening my mouth so he could put his tongue in my mouth as we kissed. His hand was rubbing the front of my tracksuit trousers and I could feel myself getting hard then he knelt in front of me before pulling my trousers down to my ankles he smiled up at me and asked if this was my first time I just nodded as he pulled my boxers down. He was stroking my **** till i got really hard and it felt so good when I felt his mouth close round my shaft for the first time. He obviousley knew what he was doing and it felt so much better than when my girlfriend sucked me has hand was playing with my balls as he sucked and I think I only lasted about 2 minutes before I told him I was about to ***, he released me from his mouth and started to **** me hard and fast till I was ******* all over the floor.

He stood up and kissed me again, then said it was my turn to suck him. He pushed me down gently till I was on my knees in front of him. I pulled his trousers and underwear down and was facing a guys **** for the first time I tried to copy what he had done for me it took a while for me to get the hang of sliding my mouth down his **** and keeping my teeth out of the way but he was patient telling me I was doing a good job. Then he started breathing a bit harder and talking dirty telling me to suck his ****. I felt his hands go behind my head holding me onto his **** and heard him say he was going to *** in my mouth then his **** tensed and I felt his *** shoot over my tongue and fill my mouth. I thought I was going to choke but found that I liked the taste and as he pulled out of my mouth I held his *** there getting used to the feeling and taste. I'm sorry to say I couldn't bring myself to swallow that first load but since that time I have found I get more satisfaction from swallow a strangers ***.

I hope my first atempt of writing my experiences and if I get enough requests I will post some more. Since that first time I have found I have more fun with guys when I indulge in my other little vice of wearing my girlfrineds panties, stockings and suspender belt when visiting cottages.
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real horny tale. have you gone further with a guy?

where do you go ?- i will be wearing fem undies as well - i,m from notts