First Time

While in the 4th year at school we were allowed out at lunch time into the park our school backed onto. The loo near the tennis couts was selcluded by some privet hedge It was well known as a cottedging site. The first time i ventured in i was already exibiting a *****. Standing there at the urinal it was not long before this guy in his 20's joined me. He lend over and touched my **** and slid his hand down my pants. Well he lead me to a cubical and i got on my knees to be presented with the first pa topped **** i saw. Immediatly i went to work on it slurping away and eventually he pulled out and gave me a facual. But the lunch break was spoilt. I had lost track of the time and was late back which cost me a visit to the head and the cane..but it was worth it. Many a lunch time spend in there suckinf n fuxking but i made sure i jept an eye on the time incase i lost the lunch time privalge !
thegaychef thegaychef
56-60, M
Jan 23, 2013