Swaffam Heath

driving back from the east coast in my workvan one evening i was feeling really horny so parked up on the heath i had not been there long when a car pulled in near me i could just see the the drivers head he looked like a rep i am a working class daddy type did not thing he would be interested in me but i needed to have a slash so into the trees i go i am standing having a **** when i hear a voice say need a hand with that there stood the rep nice white shirt and tie and nice trousers i went over to him and he started kissing me we moved into the ferns giving us plenty of cover i take off my t shirt and he takes off his shirt and tie he has beatifull body nice tatto on his arm he soon has my **** in his mouth it feels so nice i undo his trousers and he pulls down his kc white pants and out sprang a beatifull 8 inch **** with a prince albert he says i can take the ring out if you want to suck me i had never sucked a pierced **** before so i said leave it in i was not dissapointed suddenly a dog walker apeared we were so into eachother we did not see him standing there watching us the rep says to me are you bothered about being watched i said no if your not so we carry on then the dog walker gets his **** out and starts wanking he soon **** and then he leaves we both get naked and lay down wanking each other we both *** together over each other both of us had plenty of *** to give eachother he looks at his watch and says i should have been somewhere an hour ago but this has been worth being late for
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1 Response Feb 11, 2013

if u like sucking a **** with a pa try being ****** with one ...its great