After. Work

The sun was out and I was as horny as ****. My partner was at work and I fancied sum butt action rather than a ****.So i slipped on my tight **** ring n tight rench short shorts showing off my butt crack n bulge nicly.
Took a detour via the park n popped into the was empty not a hungry coxk in sight. So parked me self on. bench outside n wipped off me wife beater top to show off me tatts n piercings.
Did not have to wait long for a hunky bear in his 40's sat down next to me n unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a rainbow tattHe started to rub his crouch and smiled .Off he went inside with me following .He parked himself in a cubical and dropped to his kness n sucked my cocok.He then bent over the loo revealing a nice rose bud ring whick i rimmed to lude up.
I. grabbed his hips n rammed my **** home...balls resting on his ***. Grabbed his shoulders n started to pump away
I felt a guy fingeriing my *** n looked round and he smiled. It was not long before his fist slipped up my eager hole. there was i ******* away while being fisted.
I shot my load up the guys *** and pulled out for the other guy to eat my ***. while I slid to the floor betwen his legs to suck his fat ****.We shared the procedes of our effets in a 3 way *** kiss.
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2013

sounds like great horny fun

It was...i will **** any butt on offer

in india u can sex in loo but may be bought so carfuly
great experience i had like that