Within Walking Distance

First of all, I kinda chuckle when I see signs that say within walkin distance.To me anything is within walking distance if you have the time.Secondly, I really love the picture that was chosen for this group. A beautiful Fall day,with the suns rays to enhance the color of individual leaves. A perfect day to go for a walk. Any day is a good day to go walking. I placed myself in this picture walking.Because I don't know where it is,and I don't know what lies ahead;But my curiosity keeps me walking.I have my regular Fall day walking attire on.My jeans,flannel shirt, brown (not blue) suade hiking boots and my cap.Walking down this country back road,just basking in the rays of the sun and life. There are very few houses here,all of them forty or fifty years old. Still occupied by the same family name.The paved road turns into dirt,as everthing seems to be turned into another world.The road takes off on an incline, winding upward.As I keep going upward so does my heart rate.This takes care of my cardio exercise for the day.All of a sudden,I realize something is missing.The sound of humanity; The sounds of traffic,with all of its noise pollution.Honking horns,acceleration of engines,squeeking brakes and that loud boom-boom racket some call music. I have found myself what seems to be a million miles from nowhere.I breath in what seems to be fresh life. As I continue walking,I hear the sounds of nature,becoming more alive.The sights and  sounds are actually magical.I'm listening to something that a deaf person cannot hear.I'm beholding something that a blind person cannot see.Something that many of us take so much for granted.So if one of you ladies that like to go for walks want to join me.Come on up and we'll have a picnic.I'll be looking for you,and remember it's within walking distance.     


Waymor Waymor
51-55, M
4 Responses May 21, 2012

You took me on a journey to a place I have never seen and I loved it.<br />
You paint a picture as clear as day with your words and one gets drawn into the flow of where the path takes you. Thank You.

Lovely story, thanks for the walk.

Thanks for reading and the reply.
take care:)

what a bewitching tale. i found myself walking along beside you taking in the sites. so wonderful written. so magical and i found peace thank you for writing.

Thanks so much for your kind words.I'm glad I gave someone Peace.


Sounds peaceful !