Bare Naked Ladies

One of my most memorable naked outdoor experiences was kayaking in the Virgin Islands. Me and my friend headed out on kayaks in the ocean on a calm afternoon, and I told my friend was going to kayak naked. She looked at me like I was crazy, but I took off my bikini top and bottom and paddled out to some coral reefs in the buff. The sun felt so good on my bare skin. I jumped in the water and it was the first time I had ever snorkeled with no swimsuit on. I felt so free, like a mermaid minus the handy tail to help me get around faster! My friend eventually saw how much fun I was having, so she took off her suit to snorkel too. We saw couple kayakers who couldn't keep their eyes off us, but who cares! I just smiled and waved. I couldn't convince my friend to kayak back naked though.
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4 Responses Jul 8, 2010

We're sure it would've been awesome.

Swimsuits are useless pieces of clothing. Not only is naked more comfortable, but the excitment of being seen adds to the experience immensely.

That is the way nature should be enjoyed

awesome story