Caught Can Be Fun

 Of course when you are out exposing yourself, to unsuspecting young women, you’re going to get caught. That is the whole point and thrill of being an exhibitionist. However, getting caught when you’re not expecting it adds a whole new element of excitement and suspense to the exhibitionist experience. Oh! Don’t get me wrong, I have been caught out in my car naked and stroking away on my hard **** several times, but always by women and most of them just turned and walked away. Some of them, however, would call me a pervert and then walk away, but I was lucky enough that none of them ever reported me for it. One young woman even said she liked watching men do that and had seen quite a few men in this same parking lot jacking off, but I was the first one she had seen completely naked.
I was married and my wife did not know about my exhibitionist addiction. I worked nights and she worked days so I had ample time to go out riding around during the day exposing myself to young women while I jacked off. On days when I was really horny and excited, I would back my car all the way up in the driveway so it could not be seen from the street or any of the houses across from me, unless someone was standing at the very end of my driveway, by the sidewalk. I would go back in the house and take off all my clothes, put on three women’s ponytail bands as cockrings and go out the back door of the family room. The only thing I had with me was my keys, wallet, and the shoes I was wearing. When I would do this the excitement level, for me, would be through the roof. Before I even got out of the driveway my **** would be leaking pre-***. On this day I drove around like this for a couple of hours and exposed myself, while jacking off, to several women. I ********** in front of two of them and my excitement level was so high that my **** stayed as hard as a rock all the way home.
Unknown to me, the woman that lived next door, had seen me come out of my back door naked, with a hardon, and knew what I was up to. She was a very attractive woman in her early thirties like me. When I returned home and pulled up in front of my house and started to backup into my driveway, I saw her coming out of her front door and heading over to my place. As I stopped my car at the end of the drive, and turned it off, she was stepping up to my open passenger window and leaned in and looked at me and said,
“Well! Well! Well! What do we have here? Never mind. It’s pretty obvious by the condition of that swollen **** of yours and the *** all over you that you have been out exposing yourself, haven’t you, you dirty pervert? How many women did you expose yourself to? You don’t need to answer that either. I’m sure, by the looks of the mess you have all over yourself, that it was quite a few. I hope you know you are in a lot of trouble. Let’s go inside your house and talk about what we should do about this. OK?”
What could I do? I was busted big time and figured I’d better do what she said and hope she would show me a little mercy. When we got inside she asked me to fix us a drink. I asked her if I could get cleaned up and dressed and she said,
“I don’t think so. You just fix the drinks and let’s sit in the living room and talk about your situation. Now, if that’s not OK with you, I’ll leave and come back over when your wife gets home and tell her everything. Is that what you want? Oh! By the looks of your soft ****, I don’t think you are as excited as you were, are you, you naughty boy?”
She was absolutely right and I told her I would do anything she wanted me to if we could just work something out that didn’t involve telling my wife. I knew that would be a disaster for me.
I knew I needed a really stiff drink (not a Still ****) to help me get through this. I sat down beside her, on the sofa, and handed her, her drink and had a big gulp of mine. As she sipped from her drink she said,
“You know I have seen you jacking off in your back yard many time? I have even had a few friends over that saw you too and really liked it. Now we can just sit here and enjoy our drinks and wait for your wife to get home, in about a half an hour, and you can explain this whole thing to her, or you can consider an alternative solution? Of course this is blackmail, but what else can you do but agree?” She was absolutely correct. What choice did I have? I told her I would do whatever she wanted and she said,
“What I want you to do is to be available, during weekdays, whenever I call and be ready to come out into your backyard naked and just enjoy a nice leisurely ******* session. I will invite some of my girlfriends over and we will watch you through the fence. You will pretend like you don’t know we are there, but can enjoy the fact that you are exposing yourself to several women that you don’t know. Most of my friends are big voyeurs and would much rather watch you thinking they are spying on you than to watch you in person. That way they feel like they are in control of the situation. I think this will be better for you too. If you keep going out naked in your car, eventually you’re going to get caught and get in a lot of trouble. Well! What do you think? I can see by your **** starting to get hard again that you like the idea. If you want to seal the deal, I would love to watch you *******?”
I told her I loved the idea and would be her beckon call guy whenever she wanted me to. I quickly grabbed a small bottle of lube and jerked off while she watch. I shot another load all over my chest and stomach, to go with what was still there, and she said she was always amazed at how much I came. She finished her drink, thanked me for the quickie, and said she had better get out of there and let me get cleaned up before my wife caught us and hoped I would put on that nice of a show for her friends.
Our little agreement went on for a couple of years until her and her husband moved away. I would wear headphones from a walkman, but have it turned off, so the women didn’t think I could hear them whispering about me from behind the fence. It was amazingly exciting, even though I never had sex with her, or even saw her or any of her friends naked. My wife even came home a couple of times early and caught me, but didn’t know the women were watching me. I grabbed her and took her clothes off and we ****** right there on the patio. Knowing that those women were watching us was such a turn-on. My neighbor told me her and her friends loved the show and would love to see that again and did.
I really miss those exciting days and even knowing they were watching me, it never got old.
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An exhibitionists dream come true....