Rest Area Nude Time

 Many years ago, when I lived out west, I would take regular road trips. These trips usually took me across a couple of western, Rocky Mountain States that were very beautiful. There were some very nice Rest Areas that I always stopped at, because they had some really nice places where I could shed my shorts in semi-public areas. I love being naked outside. My favorite one had a pet exercise area at one end with parking and a hiking trail leading off of the parking area. This parking area was off the regular parking lot by 100 feet or so, so I could not be seen getting out of my car naked. Don’t get me wrong, being seen is what it’s all about, but I wanted to be seen by young women so I liked to pick and choose my times. I hiked the trail several time naked except for shoes and socks. I got caught ******* myself off once by a couple of young women. They both had hot bodies and when I heard them coming I was too close to cuming myself and just couldn’t stop. They both just froze in their tracks, when they saw me, and just stared at what I was doing, with that eyes wide jaw dropping surprised look, as I shot my stuff on the ground in front of me. One of the girls grabbed the other’s arm and they turned quickly and headed down the path. I made a hasty retreat to my car and left just in case they decided to tell someone. To this day, I can still rememeber how intense the tickling in my cockhead and my cuming was as those girls caught me jacking myself off.
Carjacker Carjacker
Jul 31, 2010