Naked In The Neighborhood

Since I was a teenager, I have realized how much I like to be nude. Whenever I was left at home alone, I was nude and would occasionally go outside in the buff, almost always at night..

As an adult, I will be nude in the house when no one is home. I will also still venture outside, usually at night and love feeling the cool night air on my skin. Every Halloween, it has become my tradition to streak around our house after our kids have gone to bed. This tradition has gone on for about 15 years now and the kids are mostly grown and gone. This past Halloween, my wife had left to pick up our youngest son from a friend's house. I knew I would have about 20 minutes to take care of my tradition. This year, I decided I would go out in front of the house instead of simply run around it. I ventured down the driveway to our mailbox hoping no cars would go up or down the street. My heart was pounding as this was very brazen for me. I then decided to go across the street to the neighbor's mailbox and then went down that side of the street to the next mailbox. I had never been that far from home in the nude before and made sure I took my time getting back to the house.

I had already gotten into bed before my wife got home and she found me naked (as usual) under the covers with a raging hard on. She looked at me and said, "it looks like you did your naked walk tonight. You need to be careful doing that so nobody sees." I just laughed, but did not tell her about my new adventures.
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Sometimes late at night, wearing a ski mask I walk out front naked, and pretend to “hitchhike” in front of the house, or up or down the road a little ways (so drivers don't know which house is mine), but the passing traffic there never seemed to respond much.<br />
Streaking late-night auto traffic in front of the house is easy, with a quick getaway into the darkness if needed, after any car goes by. I've done it many times. But in my six years here, on my very busiest night “hitchhiking” here, I've flashed traffic for an entire hour once, hopping in and out of the bushes to hide, while one after another, 75 autos zoomed past! Most didn’t see me though. Only six of those cars that night, one motorcycle, and a jogger caught sight of me.<br />
On another night a VW Beetle went by, with three people inside yelling for me and cheering, and then they made a U-turn and came back to see me again. With me waving and dancing and running around naked like an idiot, they cheered again as they drove by!<br />
One time without the mask, completely naked, standing in the darkness out front, I was hiding behind a tree (smoking a joint) when a car pulled over to the side of the road and stopped! It was midnight and I’d been outside for about twenty minutes naked, when this car pulled right up in front of our house and parked! I crouched down behind my car, pretty well hidden in the darkness, but I was still a good twenty feet from the front door of the house. (If they’d walked up and rung the doorbell for assistance, my housemate would wake up … and there I was out front, hiding with no clothes at all in the bushes!) This car had broken down right in front of our house, and with the engine dead (but the headlights still on), two guys stepped out, raised the hood, and stood there and talked. Inside the car, I could see two girls.<br />
Just thirty feet from those four strangers, I crouched naked in the darkness and hid. Worried that they might need to use our telephone (this was in an area with no cell service), after several minutes I finally got my balls together and just streaked across the front yard and inside the front door! They didn’t happen to look over and see me, and they soon got their car going and drove off.

The clool night air on my skin is like no other feeling in the world.