Wife Nude In The Cold And Snow

I have always wanted my sexy wife to pose naked in the snow, but she doesn't like being too cold so it has been a no go - until recently!!
To start off my wife is a smoking hottie!! She has perky B **** with nice big nipples. She is a small slender gal, she wears extra small clothes. And she completely shaves her *****!!! She is so hot naked with her small frame, perky ****, and smooth *****!!!!
I had just built a snow man with the kids with the little snow we had. The smooth naked wife was sitting in the hot tub outside and said she would pose for a couple of quick pictures with the snow man! My **** started throbbing right away at the thought!! I ran in to get the camera and I was all ready.
So she hopped out of the hot tub all dripping wet and wen over to the snow man. My **** was hard and leaking as I took pictures of her naked smooth body next to the snow man! It was awesome to see her naked in the winter in the snow!! By the way it was only 40F (5C) out that day!!
My little shaved wife was quite brave nude in the cold and snow!!!!!
I can't help but look at those pictures now and start stroking my ****!!
So get out and get naked in the snow!!!!!
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4 Responses Jan 17, 2012

She sounds like a hot little vixen - and you've reminded me of another holiday in the snow experience I had - at Thetford Center-parcs no less!

Post those and any other pics of this woman! She sounds perfect

would love to see the pictures.

I have came twice while being out in the snow nude without touching my ****. It was the most wonderful feeling. I have only done that a few times while nude out doors.<br />
I bet she looks super good in snow.<br />
i would love to see those pics.