Mountain Meadow

I'm doing some traveling this week and found myself in Wyoming. I on a two lane road in the mountains when I decided to pull over. I turned into a point of interest which was actually fairly boring. But I noticed a path behind the informative sign and decided to investigate.

I walked to what appeared to be a small ridge. I was hoping there would be a rewarding view of a valley that was going unappreciated. Instead, it was a view of a wide open meadow... still going unappreciated.

I went back to my car and grabbed the cooler and a blanket from the trunk and returned to the meadow. There was a big flat rock on my end of it. I decided to get a little sun. I ******** down and threw the blanket over the rock. It was in the 60's, but the rock was cool and a nice balance to the heat from the sun. I laid there for a couple of hours. I could hear passing cars on the highway. I wasn't that far off the beaten path. But no one stopped. I couldn't believe I had the place to myself. A huge meadow with a marvelous mountain backdrop. I really hated to leave.
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

I know the feeling. It can be very spiritual.