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Ok here's the basics of why I created this group and this story. I live in an apartment with 3 other people cuz the economy is really bad and we all banded together. I am the type of person who likes to wear diapers and wet and messy in them. However in such close quarters it isn't very nice to do that where it will effect other people. So, most afternoons / before the suns ets, i give myself a nice suppository in my bottom then put on my diapers and get ready for my walk. Usually once i'm a block or two from the apartment I'll find a bench and I'll hover my bottom there and let it all come out into my diaper. Then I'll plop down and let it go mushy quishy all ove rmy tushie :) *giggles* Then i just continue going for a walk with a load in my diaper. I enjoy that feeling of having a full diaper when I walk. Sometimes along th eway I"ll find a bench and sit down and wiggle a bit to smush it some more then finally when its time to come back, I go to a store that has large public bathroom facilities go into the handicapped stall, take my wipes out of my travel pack i kept in my pocket and begin wiping my messy hiney. Then, i wash my hands good use some paper towels to make sure my bottom is cleaned (i use sopa na dwater after using baby wipes to get it all off)  Anyway then I leave the bathrooms and walk the rest of the way home with a big grin on my face :)

So, anyone else like to just have a poopy bottom and take a nice walk and feel it squishy all over there tushie? *giggles* :)


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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I am in a fresh pooped diaper now & it feels good to let go & sit in it, I love it on my ***** & my bum, all warm, cosy & way awesome. I like how slippery & great it feels to move around in it when I am sitting down in it. It's amazing!

I have done this and it's fun. I like to poop while I'm driving better. You are sitting down so it squishes as soon as it comes out. I lift my butt up a bit to do it. And with car seats being angled slightly backwards it makes the poop go up the front to cover my genitals. Which I love. You should try it.

I absolutely love walking around with a warm, creamy mushy poop in my diaper! Nothing like it! I wish I could do it when I am at work too!! I also love driving home in mushy poop in my diaper! I stand up though & poop, it's easier for me & I love then slowly, sitting in it! Great story! I got turned on as I read it! <br />
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