Shirtless Jobs?

I was modeling a single nude pose for 3 hours on Saturday and was wondering what jobs are available where you can be accepted and make money being shirtless--here's my list:
1. Nude model (duh)
2. Lifegaurd (almost duh)
3. Construction worker (and variants working outdoors)
4. **** Star
5. Wrestler & Boxer
6. Yoga teacher (that's me)

Can you think of anymore?

YogiB YogiB
51-55, M
4 Responses Jun 20, 2010

i often help out on a friend's farm, always shirtless and barefoot, although being on crutches as well makes it difficult to do too much help to her

my shirtless jobs from the past:
1. lining the sports fields, would work bare chested on hot days
2. dunk tank at carnival, in a bathing suit
3. nude artist's model


Yard worker, carpet installer, and plenty of other physical jobs, depending on the proprietor's idea of propriety.<br />
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