Memorial Day Weekend Challenge ...

To my barechester buddies ..

A few weeks ago I challenged you guys to a shirtfree day, no back up shirt, going everywhere you can sans shirt.

Memorial Day weekend is coming, it's the traditional start of summer, so how many of you want to make it a three-day
shirtless weekend ?

I'm planning on taking it off on Friday and leaving it off all weekend if I can ... anyone else ?
eugmartin eugmartin
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Here in Holland we don't have Memorial Day but this year we had some really fine weather. I don't really mind cool weather anyway so have been shirtless non stop since May 15th. I have a cool job as the boss doesn't care how we dress so event at work it's been "no shirt no problem" for the last month. Didn't even touch a shirt the whole time ;-) Hope to make it last until September. Last year I never wore a shirt for more than four months straight, will do same this year.

[Sighs in envy.]

I'm in. There are two hours during that weekend that I can't go shirtless due to commitments. Other than that shirtless for most of the 96 hours. 94 of 96 isn't bad I guess.