Shirtless Life

My dad was always shirtless at home when I was a little boy. I wanted to be like him but was too self-conscious. I was an athlete but rarely went shirtless except when swimming. I always wanted to walk around shirtless with shorts or pants--nothing related to swimming. I was very shy about my body until I was about 22 when I started working out and discovered that I am gay. I stayed lean and got muscles which made it fun to go out to the gay bars and take my shirt off. That was the first time I ever got attention for my body. I guess i really liked it and it made me feel really masculine and boyish at the same time. I'm in my 40's now and still have a shirtless fascination or fetish. I like being shirtless as much as possible and don't see what the fuss is when people get uptight about guys being shirtless. I've become more and more accepting of myself and the shirtless lifestyle. I go places where i used to not even imagine before. I'm mostly unself conscious about it. Sometimes I think people think I'm showing off but who cares? It's just my body and I feel good about myself when I'm shirtless. I like the feeling of the breeze on my torso. I'd love to be shirtless most of the time but of course a job prevents that and I need to work. I like this site and hearing similar stories about guys who love being shirtless too.
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5 Responses Sep 15, 2012

I ******** off for the drive to the gym and again as soon as I was out the door. No great body like you, Thomas, but I can still sing that sun warmth on my torso makes me happy, even when the air is cold.

wow this sounds like me! I love baring my skin to the world... and a few compliments now and then don't hurt either lol

I agree. Weather permitting, I'm obsessivly shirtless. Love the feeling and love the comments I get. Do you go barefoot too?

Thanks George!

Man, if you ARE showing off, good on ya!