At The Airport,shirtless And Barefoot

A new discovery this weekend. Being shirtless and barefoot at a crowded airport is a massive turn-on! Checking in, they asked where my shirt was. It told them it was in my backpack which I was carrying on and that I was not wanting to wear it as it wasn't comfortable with the crutches. They said that I could keep my chest bare right up to when I had to board and there was no mention of my bare foot. I had an hour to wait for the flight so spent the time moving around, looking at the shops, then down through security and waiting at the depature gate among queues of people, looking very noticable on crutches, ******** to my waist, barefoot and feeling hugely aroused.

I seem to be making a habit of picking flights on smaller aircraft which mean a walk across the tarmac and then up the stairs of the plane. The shirt went on after I had my boarding pass scanned and iwas actually outside the 'plane. The steps were too narrow for my crutches so I had to hop up them. That was much easier barefoot, i was glad my flip flop was at home!

I got to my seat and the stewardess put my crutches in the overhead locker and then was telling me how she was on them last year and that the thing she hated was them chafing under her arms. I told her my solution, go topless, which she loved.

When we landed I waited to be the last off so I could take my time to hop barefoot down the stairs. She handed me my crutches and as I was putting my backpack on she said "Are you comfortable like that?" I wasn't, so she said "give me the bag and I will take it off the plane for you" then after I slipped it off my shoulders she added (smiling) "would it be easier for you if you were topless now?" Damn! Instant erection! "I don't mind if you take the shirt off now, I know how hard those things are to get around on, and I won't tell anyone if you don't!"

What an awesome sensation, stripping off my shirt at the front of her and getting the blast of air from the aircon on my now exposed bare nipples, and walking through the plane to the door, knowing she is right behind me watching my bare back and shoulders getting a work-out on the crutches. I got to the door and what she hadn't told me is that there was quite a cold wind outside, despite it being a sunny day. When the wind hit my chest as I was hopping down the stairs my nipples were now as hard as my **** and I almost shot my load in my jeans right then!

I still had to get inside the terminal but the long walk to get there soon warmed my up, and by the time I was at the rental car counter my chest was sweating!

I have put a video on youtube of me getting to the car.
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41-45, M
Jan 6, 2013