Does anyone besides barefootshirtess and me have a nipple focus? Half the joy of going shirtless is showing my nipples and seeing other guys' nipples. Less frequent is the oportunity to examine them microscopically, massage, and lick them. Here's an illustrative anecdote.

An erstwile boyfriend had the biggest nips I've ever seen. They were about an inch and a half in diameter and protruded in low, soft cones, the jewel in the crown of that long, elastic, stringbean body--he was an advanced yogi. Always got his shirt off as soon a he came in the door.

One night we did group massages with friends, and each got a turn at being rubbed simultaneousy by all the others. When Jim's turn came, he lay on his back on the floor, but someone else claimed his chest. I was somewhat miffed at missing an opportunity, and he knew it. I picked up his hand and clasped it in my armpit to massage his bicep and tricep, and then his thumb found my well-oiled nipple, and began slowly rubbing it back and forth. A few times his hand slid, and I had to hoist it back up to keep my grip, but the thumb always searched until it regained my nipple. He was merciless. I wondered if anyone else noticed the activity or the bulge it was inducing.

When my turn came, and I lay on my back, Jim quickly claimed my hand, and I gave him *** for tat. There are no words to describe the sensation of that big, oily, succulent nipple beneath my thumb.
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I love this story. I feel the same way about nipples. I love when guys at the gym wear the cut-out T-shirts, and their nipple pops out on the side. I would rather be shirtless at the gym, but at least I get to wear these types of shirts. What turns me on too, is when I find out that a guys nipple are super sensitive. That makes me hard!

For me having exposed nipples is one of the most exhilarating things about being shirtless. I've always found it erotic. And having them touched is electrifying - even the potential that they might get touched is exciting.

I absolutely love showing my hairy pecs off as much as possible. When I am shirtless both men and women are looking at my nipples. One of the things about being shirtless that turns me on. Love standing close and talking to someone who is staring at me chest.

I can't think of anything which is a bigger turn on than going out with my bare nipples out for all to see!

I think nipples are almost as erotic a part of men's bodies as they are of women's. We're very lucky to have more freedom to expose ours.

Agreed! Wish more guys would take advantage. I'm going to spend all day walking in the sun and won't take shirt or shoes with me.

Love nips....are yours sensitive? Mine are.

Mine are really sensitive to temperature, right now it is really cold outside and they are rock hard and hypersenstive to the wind when it blows across my bare chest when I had to go out earlier.

I find the variable size of nipples interesting, but not a visual turn on.

Having mine rubbed, pinched, etc., yeah, that's, uh, pleasant ... !