Shirtless Skiing

I was up at the ski basin today and it was about 50 degrees and really sunny. So at about 13000 ' it was pretty warm -- a couple of guys was skiing in shorts!! One of the dudes I was sitting with in the cafe said that he wouldn't be surprised to see some dude skiing shirtless. I said "**** yes!!!" and ******** off my sweater. I've skied shirtless before in spring, but never in the middle of January. On the way up the lift the two guys I was with ******** off too. We all three skied down a couple of runs shirtless and saw a few others shirtless too! There's a little more to this story but it's not appropriate for this group so I'll post it on one of my "jack off" groups.

TeddyBare87 TeddyBare87
22-25, M
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

that's tight I totally would have done that too!

what a tease .. tell us Theo !!

Or at least tell us which other group.