Quick personal note, (experience to follow): So I finally decided it was time to come out to my boyfriend as a member of the shirtless community on EP. I wasn't sure how he'd react given the fact that he is the conservative one in the relationship, and I thought he might find the shirtless lifestyle thing unusual. But after telling him it was partially a way to feel more comfortable with my condition (scoliosis), he thought it was a great way to improve my self-confidence.

After we went to dinner and shopped for groceries, I just decided to doff the shirt and leave it off for as long as possible now that he was in the loop. When we got back to his house I didn't even bother putting on the safety shirt I had with me...I just left it in the car. So shirtless I remained throughout the night and the next morning when I left.

Since this had been my longest period of shirtlessness yet, that morning I got up and decided that today was the day get out of the car, stop being a chickensh*t and just go public. So I went to Starbucks, drove straight into the drive thru and ordered my drink. After parking the car, without a care in the world I threw my bag over my shoulder and sat down at one of the outdoor tables. I still made sure my back was against a wall, but that was the most the self-consciousness showed through during a very comfortable 90 minutes of reading in the sun. I also drove through a car wash, and got a soda at a second drive thru.

Once I pulled into work, the shirt did unfortunately have to be put back on. But knowing I'd spent 20 straight hours with my shirt off and had my first public experience was a great feeling as I punched the clock. I my never get very daring as far as shirtless experiences go, but I know I will definitely get more confident. Thanks for reading!
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Nice! It is surprising how many places you can go to shirtless if you just do it without asking....

Awesome! Keep going shirtless, man.

Awesome. Since you did 20 hours shirtless and it felt great, try even longer. I think you underestimate your capabilities. I think you'll be able to be as daring as any of the other shirtless guys and have awesome shirtless experiences. Just keep the shirt off!