Sauna Sissyslut Part 2

Between thurs last week and thursday nite this week sissyslut Jameon took either spit roast, poz ***, daddies, bears twinks, cut, uncut, bareback only.... around 95 ***** in one week in saunas.One spit roast was a bareback real time sex hook up a poz guy and another gig dickstud, they flipped and both breeded and seeded me at the same time. Or maybe I could be founf=d in the back room on my haucnes sucking 3 ***** alternating. Or maybe I was sucking an older chap with a thick and big **** chewing his foreskin and taking his pre *** pisssy smelling ***** deep and knawing it hard. Then I saw wanna **** me and back to my room for sum more barebacking. He says what r u gonna do for daddy, I saw anything. Putting my strawberry flavoured lube on my boipussy he trust his tubesteak in me and I kinda gasped. He pulls out and says eat your scat I do and he ***** me again. or maybe I when first arrived had 4 guys on after another shooting there creamy ***** doen my wanting throat. Or maybe I was preforming ******** on sum annon status stranger and he is rock hard and I say **** me, he says he cant no rubber. Next thing I am straddling the glory hole wallls getting my clittty sucked as he ***** me raw anyway. OMG so many ***** and I was only staying 8 hrs but hit 3 saunas in one week. I did :( actually let one huy put a rubber on and then another 2 of those nasty things and **** me, he says U can never have enuf protection and came in 30 seconds...I not even sure if that one even counts. It was a blur of ***** this week and not on the net setting up dates after 30 e mails from cl and then they cancel because of the wifey or sum lame excuse. I like getting right down to the wham bam thank you mame.
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31-35, T
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