Lovely Hotel Check-in

I arrived at my hotel in german eaarly , so there was no ready room , so they asked me o o rest in SPA ad as soon as they have one fee room they will call me , i went direct to spa i was tarvelling al the night i took off my clothes i thought it is only men sauna and took one towel and went to relax and went in deep sleep , to wake up when i heared some noice i found women coming to steam room N U D Y i was shocked and was taken shower in front of my bench i saw her soap her self she was 35 - 38 and went to steam room , i went to sauna to cover my e r e c t i o n 4-5 min she came o sauna opened door and went inside was like b4 N A K E D ,,,,

finally i discovered it is mix nude sauna
ashrafcairo2011 ashrafcairo2011
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Haha! I was in a sauna like that in Ghent, Belgium. Wonderful place. Very liberating!