Coed Sauna - One Woman And Ten Guys

I was at a coed sauna and communal tub today. Been there in the past. Sometimes all guys and sometimes as many women as men. Today was really cool, though. There were about ten guys. Three in the tub, three or four in the sauna and three or four laying out. Most were nude and most were between fifty and sixty five. A young couple walked in; they were probably twenty five years old. The both went nude without any hesitation. The young lady was very thin but had nice breasts and was quite attractive. I enjoyed the fact that whether she was in the sauna or walking around, she did not cover herself at all. I spoke with them in the sauna and learned that they had only this week moved to this town. After close to an hour of sauna and tub, she decided to lay out (on her back with no coverage at all) while the husband went from sauna to tub. There was no hint of flaunting or exhibitionism, just total comfort with herself and not minding that men saw her (and her husband clearly felt the same way). We were at a spa that offered massages but they were quite expensive and I had a feeling that this couple was only using the sauna and communal tub area. I had a massage scheduled. It turned out my massage was scheduled to be in a room that could hold two and that a second therapist was available. It was a little bit awkward, but I offered the pair a couples massage as my welcome gift to our town. They very appreciatively accepted. They could not understand my generosity and I only said that when I have an impulse based on a feeling that I like to act on it and that all I knew was that I wanted to do this, that they were cool people, and that it felt right.
The truth is that I really appreciated the wife being on display for the last hour and I appreciated both of their attitudes.
I love it when an attractive woman is comfortable being nude with a bunch of guys. It is great when the group is mixed with men and women, but I think it is special and rare when a younger woman goes nude with a fairly large group of guys and even better when her husband is there and is cool with that. There is a pretense that none of us are looking and of course I and everybody else there maintained that pretense. I was really happy to make this couple happy and they have no idea how much I enjoyed them. It was a terrific day.
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My girlfriend and I visited a clothing optional spa. There were two communal hot tub / sauna areas. One was for women only and the other was for both men and women. My girlfriend, who is 38 and has a perfect body, said before we went that she would have no problem going naked. I had been several times before and knew that sometimes there were couples there, sometimes there were women that just chose to use the coed area, and sometimes it was all guys. I told her to only do what she was comfortable with, but she knew that I would prefer for her to go nude.

When we walked into the communal bath area, there were three women and about ten guys and all three women and most of the guys were nude. We went to the sauna and I took my kimono off and she kept hers on, but after a couple of minutes she undid the front tie and let the kimono open up in front. Her breasts and even her lower area were mostly exposed. I felt that sitting there with the kimono open seemed like she was exposing herself while being totally nude would send a different message like she was comfortable with nudity and in tune with the spirit of the place. I didn't say this, of course, but I did tell her that she was drawing attention to herself with the open kimono and that since she had already shown everything she should take it all the way off, which she did. There were about six guys in the sauna and one other woman, who was nude and lying on her back, clearly not having concerns about modesty. Obviously the guys looked at my girlfriend, but I can honestly say that nobody stared, nobody acted rude, and everybody acted like it was no big deal.

We went to the hot tub area and my girlfriend got nervous again. We were lying in lounge chairs, me nude and her in her kimono (this time closed), and we were both relaxed. I suggested that we go to the hot tub. At this point there were two couples there and they were both in their thirties and they had suits on. I thought it was no big deal because everybody knows that this area is clothing optional. Our chairs were about thirty feet from the tub. We took our kimonos off and walked to the tub. The guys got a full frontal view of my girlfriend as she walked to the tub and it they stared the whole way. She was the only woman without a suit at that point and maybe they arrived after the other women who had gone nude had already left. They were clearly surprised. My girlfriend was embarrassed but got over it quickly. I know this for sure because when she got too hot she sat out of the tub and her breasts were on display for the guys who still seemed to think she was putting on a show for them. If she had still been embarrassed she would have just gone back to the lounge chairs and put her kimono on.

I was very pleasantly surprised that my girlfriend was OK being seen naked in this particular setting. We have gone to this spa many times since and always enjoy it. For me, being with her naked and outside is really enjoyable and I kind of like it when other guys look since nobody stares or acts rude and she does not mind. Mostly, though, I enjoy being with her with both of us naked and outdoors. I know I would love a nude beach if she was with me, but we are very far from the ocean.