Nude In Frankfurt

When I started visiting Germany on business quite often some years ago, I was delighted to discover that saunas are nearly always mixed and nude. The first time this happened was in a big hotel in Frankfurt. It was an American owned hotel and had two saunas next to the indoor pool: one for men and one for women. But whenever there were local couples together they simply went into the mens' sauna together, and I think the womens' one was not used at all. It was wonderful walking in with just a towel on expecting to see only men, but to discover several women there too, all quite naked and apparently very natural about it.

But being naked and feeling good and natural about it doesn't mean it's not an arousing experience. Later on that evening most people had left and there was one German couple there, an older man and a women of about 40. There were not together but clearly knew each other and were enyoying chatting. I was sitting on one of the higher benches on the sauna looking down, trying to pretend I wasn't looking at her lovely body. She obviously realised, and without stopping talking, or looking in my direction, she stretched herself out on the lower bench, with her feet more or less facing me, and relaxed, separating her legs more and more. It was so natural that I couldn't be sure whether she was behaving as though I wasn't there at all or whether she was exhibiting herself to me quite deliberately. Now when I remember about it I'm sure it was for my benefit.

So there I was looking straight at the beautiful lips - inner and outer - of her *****. Pretending not to, of course, but she was so hot! I sat with my legs drawn up to hide my erection, and I don't know whether she knew or not. It was in the days when I would have been terribly embarrassed for anyone to see I had an erection. (Now I guess it would have been a nice compliment to her to let he see how aroused the site of her naked body was making me.)

This happened many years ago, and was the first of many wonderful sauna experiences, but I have never forgotten it. ExperienceProject is teaching me that lots more people love seeing and displaying nudity than I had thought, and that what I had often assumed to be accidental was almost always deliberate enjoyment. Strangers communicate with each other by displaying and appreciating their bodies, without exchanging a word, and then move on.

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I, alone and with my wife, who has no hang ups about nudity, have visited many spa/saunas in Germany,in Cologne and Hamburg in particular.
The Gerrmans are much more relaxed about nudity, sexual matters and prostitution.

That sounds fun! My experience in saunas and nudist beaches in Europe is mostly that there are no obvious erections and everyone pretends it's not really a sexual situation at all. Hard nipples might be "blamed" on the heat, I guess. Recently I went to a swingers club, and that was something else!

I went to a coed sauna once. There were three girls and four guys (including me). And the girls all had hard nipples and all the guys had rock hard erections. No one hid their erection and they just let it hang out. When some got up to cool off they would walk with their erection pointing straight out and no one cared and everyone was just laid back about it

that is the most excited situation I woould like to experience!...mmm I am looking forward to have the opportunity of travelling to Germany as soon as possible XD ...mmmmm I will be sure to have a hard erection in public, even if need to take a pill or whatever! XD..I think that kind of situations are really exciting and arousing..I really love this post ! =)

Did you do it? I\'m with you.... I love the idea of going to the spa and not being the slightest bit self-conscious about having an erection in public. I\'m going to Germany in less than two weeks and can\'t wait to try this...but I wondered if you\'d done it and what the reaction of others around you was like. Thanks.

i want to go to germany

Germany has good sauna traditions. Many of the places I have been are coed and have a strictly enforced nudity mandatory policy.