Chico State.

yes, i do go to california state university, chico; also known as chico state. this college does have a bad rep for being the "party school", but with all my experiences in other college towns, i've noticed that chico state kids don't really party that much more than other college students.

sure, most students binge drink almost every night of the week, but i think the culture of the town of chico perpetuates that. every bar in chico has some sort of drink special for every night of the week. wether is be "buck night" or "friends fly free", there is always a reason to go out and party.

besides the bar scene, there is the house party scene too, which sadly isn't as fun as it was 5 years ago. with keggers, dance parties, and themed parties, it's hard not to join in on the festivities. where else can you dress up like it's halloween for no reason other than to party?

i blame the party scene on the location of chico itself. whoever thought of putting a university in the middle of ******* nowhere should have seen this coming. with all these students jam packed in a small town, with nothing to do, drinking became the thing to do.

i'm not complaining because i love it here and honestly, if i went to any other college, i probably wouldn't be the person i am today. so party on chico, party on.
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Chico isn't even on the top ten party school lists anymore. It used to be, but hasn't been for awhile now.