Another Wonderfu Night Last Evening...

They are a new couple to each other. The first time I met her she was on her own and we ended up with two other guys and had fun then too.
Now she is with a guy that she really likes and they are still visiting the swinging scene. That can be tough on a new couple. Maybe that is why they chose me last night. She was comfortable with me, has been with me before, and he finds me attractive as well.

I am very glad they did! It was great. Very erotic and sensual. Very hot!

They were cool about looking out for me and including me. Too often I have been with couples and the man is very focused on looking after his woman. That is great please, don`t focus on me to the exclusion of her but vice versa is necessary.

Oh, why do they need to look out for me?!?! Last night was open to single guys. The single guy culture in swinging can be a bit creepy. There are some men that will go straight to the play area and see what they can see and possibly touch. They will crowd around, etc. Personally, I don`t feel the safest and I definitely find it difficult to relax and enjoy myself. I jave been known to panic and bolt out of the area. Old stuff?!?! Probably.

They were on either side of me, she laid me down and said I was first. At first she watched while he went down on my with his wonderful tongue and fingers. After awhile I got tired of her watching and pulled her down for some kissing and I played with her ***** for a bit. As long as i could anyway. He was doing such a wonderful job I got easily distracted.

I like things a little rough so to speak. I like to be able to use my fingernails, I don`t break skin and very rarely leave marks that will still show in the morning. She and I have also discovered that we like a little bit of breath play during our sex. So we did experiment a little with that. It can be difficult when you are with people for the first time. You test and experiment to find out what the respond to and like. Some people don`t want to talk during because it would ruin the mood and might offend....other times, it is very easy to communicate, good, bad, or indifference to what is going on or being done.

Anyway.... Yes, I made the bed a little wet. Yes, I was tingly all over and felt very relaxed and happy.

Tonight....i may be going back. It is a couples only night every Saturday. I have been on these nights rarely. i am going with a date and we shall see if i am ready to truly explore the couples world of swinging.

Wish me luck and hot times!!!

GabrieleAngel GabrieleAngel
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Wow that sounds like a really hot experience! Very sexy! :)

Good luck, and hot times! I'd like to get to know more about this scene.