I Hang Out At Clubm4 In Toronto

It turns out I have been going to ClubM4 in Toronto for a year now. I love the place. It is an onsite swing club. With good people and a great set up. My girlfriend and I were going so often the owner asked us to run an evening. Three months now and going strong.

My event is a little swing and a little kink so this last week we had a guest from the kink realm do a demo for hot wax use during sex play!

We got to experiment a little bit with the different kinds of wax you can use and the different colours. We learned about the different melting points etc.

We got to take home wax nipple molds too! OK, you could have done other bits too but that would have taken longer, and what would that leave you to do on your own!!!

I have not run out of ideas yet and I definitely have new stories to tell every week (or more often, I do go to the club on other nights as well!!!):P

I get that this isn't the most graphic entry but being a parent myself, some parents would not want their children to know what may go on..

GabrieleAngel GabrieleAngel
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I've always wanted to go to Club M4 or Wicked but never got the courage. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that you only live once and need to experience life. My wife is definitely not as dis inhibited as I am. Are single men allowed to go and if I was able to convince her to go how much pressure is there to be "active" or could we just fool around or watch?