My Wife Started A Small ****

We were invited to a pool party strictly for couples and single ladies. Everybody was getting the feel for the party and getting some liquid courage in the systems at the bar. This was a pretty big party roughly around 40 couples and about 8-10 single girls aged varied from 18-55. So we did have quite a selection of couples and singles. We were a bit nervous since we are fairly new to the whole swinger life style. We ended up bumping into a couple that we've met at previous parties and they took along a single girl with them to introduce her to the life style. We quickly started enjoying their company once again after everyone Was having a good time drinking and dancing around the pool meeting new people we noticed that no one was in the heated pool nor the jaccuzzi. So my wife mention that I should encourage people to get by being the first one in so enough said I undressed and got on the diving board while couples were cheering me on. Also my wife convinced our friends to get in too. They were hesitant at first but eventually went in under one condition, she had to go in topless and since she was already buzzed she went for it. Before we knew it the jaccuzzi was full with topless girls drinking heavily shots after shots. At this time we had about 15 couples in the pool and about 7 couples in the jaccuzzi. Also on the opposite side from the Dj the host had three semi private room with beds inside for who ever wanted to play. Eventually couples started heading in there to hook up with other people and once they were done they would come back and continue partying. While I was swimming around I found my wife kissing on our friends guest the single girl(Myrna). Myrna kept saying she wanted me and my wife so we went at it in the pool for a little bit putting on a show for the people. It was too much distraction so my wife grabbed Myrna's hand and on the way over to the private room she grabbed another girls hand that had been looking at us all night long. No questions asked she went along with it and went in the room and started undressing herself since the other girls were already pretty much undressed except their thongs. Quickly a ********* broke out between them three while a few of us watched after a while she asked me to joking in and **** Myrna from behind while Myrna was eating her out and she was eating out the third girl(Erica) that was watching us all night. Who am I to stop whats going on so I took off what I had on (boxers) and followed my wife's directions lol. After about 15 minutes Myrna asked her friends that brought her to the party to join so they did! And all hell broke loose everybody was kissing, sucking,licking touching caressing someone or penetrating two guys four girls started the real party we all went there for and no guy on guy action " both of us are straight" . This went on for about 2hours . This is one of many encounters we've had since we started the swinger life style.. Feel free to ask
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Does your wife like anal??

No she does not