Love a Good Movie

   I like to go to the movies, there is just something about the sound, large screen, oh and definitely the POPCORN ! I take my grandchildren usually once a week, Love to see happy couples snuggled together sharing a bucked of Popcorn,  Oh the memory's....
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yea, grapes, carrots, nuts etc. I take some times three to four of the grands to the movie, we have $1.00 theaters here, but it's 3.50 for a coke so out of necessity we Carry all of out snacks with the exception on the popcorn, I usually get a huge refillable bucket for $5.00 and it is enough for us all. Just love the atmosphere of a theater

lol I always bring bottled water too, because they want your arm, your left leg, an eyeball and three locks of hair for bottled water in the theatre. I always smuggle munchies in too. Mostly healthful stuff because otherwise I would buy and eat copious amounts of chocolate. Grapes are a favorite movie snack along with baby carrots.

It's fun to think you are getting away with something...HE.. HE..

Mj915, consider yourself adopted. and it really doesn't matter whats on, it's an event another day with gram's to remember. Sometimes we will smuggle(as we call it) food from McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried chicken, where ever we feel like that day and eat it in the movies, we have to smuggle it in and that makes it such an adventure, and it makes the food sooo much better, we all just sit and giggle and feel like we just pulled off the greatest caper around.... Shoosh, now don't tell any one.

Can I please become an adopted grandchild? lol I haven't been to a movie in I don't know how long. Maybe this Saturday, when I get to drop the kids off at the child care facilities on post I will go to see one. Is there anything good playing right now?

I think it's written somewhere that you have to eat popcorn with a movie, It's just a given... Buuut now to eat so much that it makes you sick is another matter. I get those little bags for home and a small bag at the movie house. Grapes are a great substitute, try the little bag and down something refreshing like grapes to complete the movie experience and be satisfied. Nuts are great to.

Why can't I ever forgo the popcorn? It doesn't seem to be a movie without the popcorn and I eat so much I always end up feeling sick that night!

Thank goodness that I haven't had many rude people around me in the movies, yes that would get on my nerves also.

We have $1.00 theaters here in pensacola, but you better bring your snacks because thats where they get ya!

Yep movies are awsome, ui ,love movies we went to Bridge to Teribithea this week, and next week ill take her to harry potter'.<br />
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I love the movies too, but wish it wasn't so expensive!