Wife Goes Bi Crazy At ***** Club

I knew my wife was always a little bi-curious, but about a week ago she was pretty drunk and admitted it was a fantasy of hers. I think she finally admitted to this after 20 years of marriage since she's been on a fitness kick for the last 3 years, and along with a perfect butt and waist, her self image has gone off the charts. I offered to take her to a leagal brothel for a full-out experience, and she said she'd like to start off with a local ***** club. Not to be the kind of person to put off that kind of opportunity, I set something up for two nights later.

We went to a local club north of Austin TX and were talked into the $100 VIP lounge. Once inside, I saw it was worth the extra $ for what I wanted to see - some full-on lesbian action with my wife. There were semi-private booths around the outside of the room and a stage in the middle. We sat at a table and watched the dancers while my wife got more drunk. Finally, I asked a fine young asian lady over to give us a dance in my chair - with my wife sitting on my lap. She started off sharing us, but I told her I wanted the focus on my wife, and she started brushing her **** on my wife's face, groping her breasts, shoving her *** in her face, and ended up pulling my wifes top down enough so that she could suck her *******. I thought that was amazing, but it only prepared us for the next dance. The next dancer was a gorgeous brunette with nice, C size ******* and a real hardbody. I started talking to her and made sure she was okay with couples, and asked for a dance in a private room. My wife was getting increasingly drunk and feeling no pain.

We entered the private room and the dance started removing my wife's shirt - she resisted a little at first but relented and soon was sitting with just a bra on in the booth, while the dancer gave her a full-on kiss. I quickly removed the bra, and my wife was sitting in the club - completely topless - in public. The booths were private-ish, but you could see in from the main room and a lot of people at the table in front of us (guys and girls) were watching. At about this point, my wife just lost it all and started going for a full-out lesbian one-on-one session. They were rubbing their chests together, sucking each other *******, making out - my wife loved it when the ******** would turn around and she'd fondle her **** while sitting on her lap. All this time, I'm enjoying the show and getting a few sucks in on both their **** as things progressed

I felt my wife's crotch and seriously, could not believe how wet she was. Never, ever, ever have i felt her soak thru her pants like she did that night. I reached down the front of her pants, unbuttoned them and began fingering her *****. Of course all the time she's still sucking, fondling, kissing and fullly enjoying the ********. My wife really starts getting into it, stands up and pulls her pants off - although she had these tight boots on that wouldnt let her get them all the way off, so she got them down to her knees and sat back down. That was an unbelieavaby erotic sight - my wife sitting practially naked in a public place making out with a ********. About that point the bouncer came over, put a chair in front of the booth to block the view, and said we were going too far and asked my wife to pull her pants up.

This kept on for the next $160 bucks and it was worth every penny. Top memories inclulde the scissor action where they were rubbing their crotches together, and the full-on breast rubbing. But the ultimate was one point where i asked the ******** to lean in, and I sucked on one of her **** while my wife was sucking her other ***.

FInally, being pretty sober myself, I knew we had to stop paying for this stuff and the ******** gets up to leave - my wife was almost whimpering, begging me to pay for some more while rubbing the strippers skin and looking at her with the most lust I've ever seen. Guess that goes to show was years of bi-repression will do for you - when it finally breaks it goes crazy.

The last two days have been amazing - incredible sex, incredible confessions - we bought a coouple lesbian videos and after I had sex with her yesterday, she stayed in the bedroom watching the videos and playing with herself, moaning the whole time.
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It only keeps getting better...since the ***** club, she's started getting on bi sites. From there, one of her chat friends told her about the action at swingers' clubs. We hit one up for the first time last Saturday night. Truly, truly, unbelievable! I thought this stuff was all made up ! Couples, women, men, hitting on us. What an overload! We ended up screwing on a big bed in this room that had windows - and of course people stood their watching (big turn on for me). Then, she was ready to get with a girl, but when we went back to the same room (it had like 3-4 big beds in it) there was a full-out **** going on. Never seen anything like that. But it freaked her out a little and she didnt feel comfortable joining in. I didnt push. The scene I'll never forget was right out of a ***** - a girl laying on her back, getting nailed by one guy while another was driving his **** right into her mouth. Really unbelievable. We're going again this weekend to a club closer to our home and I think she will be ready for whatever comes our way.

Awesome! I went to a ***** club with my boyfriend for our first "official" date (tho we had been together a few times before that after group outings with co-workers). It was an incredible experience and the beginning of a very wonderful sex life for the two of us. Like your wife, I had a lifetime of silent "bi-curiousness" and now believe that I am really bi-sexual; tho my love is for men (and my boyfriend particularly), my desires can go either way! And sharing a woman with my boyfriend is the ultimate best!