Clear Concentration

There is no better place to hang out than the library. I find myself always being present at the library in the campus to do assignments and study for exam for the whole time of my course. I do my study work well. I can meet friends who come to study. I can talk to anyone who studies there and we may start knowing each other. I can establish bond of friendship with other students who do the same subject as me. One point that I realise is when I enter the door I feel I am free from any unuseful thoughts and I feel everything is possible. I sometimes think that library is my office or my study room. However, I face difficulties because I have to bring a big bag having a lot of books or laptop or food or drink. I can solve this problem if I have a car. Other challenge is I have to use my time within the opening hours effectively and efficiently.
keso keso
36-40, M
Jul 26, 2010