My Super Friends

I guess, I may come off as pretty sociable and all, and I know a lot of people and have all these acquaintances (in real life), but I'm the type who really can't get that comfortable with people, no matter how long I've known 'em, and I only really choose whom to trust. That said, I only have a few really, really close friends, and at this moment, I'd like to describe to you the three most important friends in my life now..


the first one is someone whom I've really been comfortable with, and have been a friend since we were in first year college. She's such a joy to be with, she's someone who gets me (even if i'm not saying anything), she listens, and knows when to speak and when not to. Well, we went through a rift recently, and we're now trying to just let things coem back to the way they were.. she's like avril lavigne, she reminds me of myself back then. haha. she's cool, we both love music, and though she's tough, she has one of the softest and sweetest hearts I know.

Next is someone who's so laid-back!she's so chill,she loves food, we talk a lot and she's still playful, just like a child. I adore her carefree spirit and the way she kinda handles things. she's also the first one I've met in college, we took the entrance exam together. we also fell apart before, but things only got better, and she's really important to me now.


and last, but not the least (:p), is a guy whom I've recently just known, we've been friends for like, 4 or 5 months now..we've been really close, and to tell you honestly, I've also been surprised at how things turned out to be. I guess he gets me, and I get him, and that makes us comfortable with each other and make us understand each other--though we don't say anything. Some people may not get what we have, and it can be quite confusing for some, but to us, I guess, we're happy with it. I'm happy to be able to know someone who shares my joys and pains, who can make me smile, who inspires me, who loves food so much as I do! haha. If things were any different, he could be the perfect, ideal boyfriend. But things are the way they are--and he and I are FRIENDS. and I love him for whatever he is.


Now, I dunno what's gonna happen. All I know is that amongst the many people in the world, these three really hold a special place in my heart. Maybe, things will get better for us, maybe not. Maybe, one day, we won't be talking to each other anymore (i hope not), but who knows? what's important is that once in my life, I've met these people, I spent time with them, and they made me happy. And I love them for that.

mistyeyedlass mistyeyedlass
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3 Responses Mar 30, 2009

Sound awesome! I envy you :)

they're my super friends! haha:)... very real, and unpretentious.

sounds like you have some good friends!