Cliche But True!

It sounds so cliche, but it's husband IS my bestfriend, I love being with my husband.
I never thought I would ever meet a man who would be so much fun. We are alike in that we are serious when we need to be, and nerdy most of the other times. We can laugh hysterically over something so silly together because we have the exact same sense of humor. We really do just hang out together. Though we might not have the exact same tastes, we compromise (action movie one night, romantic comedy the next).
Other things we do when we hang out, just the two of us, is we will play a game of Phase10, Janga or Scrabble. Heck we'll even bring out the band hero gear...i sing while he plays guitar. And there's times when we're both so tired that we need a nap, but feel guilty for being indoors on a sunny we pack a blanket and go to the park and have a nap in the shade.

I would gladly take the offer of being stuck on an island with him ANY day!
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That's really sweet! :)<br />
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I'm glad you are so happy.