He's Just A Nice Guy

intelligent, funny, father of my children. Only problem ist he poor guy is waaay hornier than i am.

ha ha ha - well, not so funny. I'm trying to work with him on his 'kinks", and we'll see how it goes.
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1 Response Jul 10, 2011

Is he realy hornier than you or does he want things in bed that don't arouse you or just turn you off? It is good that you desire to please him. Is he paitent and willing to help you develop an interest in fullfilling his erotic wants?<br />
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Keep this thought in the back of your mind. Within the context of a christian marriage almost anything a couple consents to do with each other sexualy is permissible. Provided it is done in love. The BIG NO, NO would be to have sexual relations with anyone other than your spouce. So what ever the two of you agree on in love is fair game to induldge yourselves in privately.