My Hubby Is My Best Friend ...

I love to hang out with my hubby, and it doesn't really matter what we are doing.  I have so many wonderful memories, though, of us just "hanging out".  Lots of days, we will get in the car and just go for a ride and enjoy the scenery, and up here in Northern Michigan, there is lots of that to enjoy.  One particular memory that comes to me, we stopped by a local winery one beautiful summer day and picked up one of our favorite bottles of red wine, found a nice spot on the beach on the Peninsula, set out the camp chairs, and just enjoyed the scenery, while reading our books and sipping our wine.

Another time, one evening, we went to a local bar and decided we would decide what each other would drink - after quite a few drinks, we started rating people's in the bar - it might not be what you do with your hubby, but we had lots of fun and laughter.

I could tell many more stories, but suffice it to say, I just love hanging out with my hubby - he is my friend as well as my lover.

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3 Responses Apr 24, 2008

That's wonderful!! I'm glad you are so happy with your husband. :)

You are so very fortunate, I did not marry a friend, and do not like hanging with him at all. We have completely different outlooks on life, and about everything else you can think of. I envy you legal!

Rockaway - no, on the local winery; the Peninsula in TC has some great wineries (Chateau Grand Traverse and Chateau Chantel). Chateau Chantel, especially, is up on a bluff and has views of East Bay and West Bay both. It's wonderful to visit in both winter and summer - the winter they have a fireplace. I believe in the summer, they have an event called "Jazz at Sunset" - it's either on Sundays or Thursdays - jazz band playing for a few hours right before sunset. Anyway ...