Water Dringking Contest

i havent dun theis befor but would love to  i no ppl that do this will buy diapers for prtecting the fernetur of floors wherever it may take plade and think it would be fun to see who can hold it longes and who pees ferst

beeeriy beeeriy
18-21, M
6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Well I'm one of those "protection" people who prefer to wear a diaper instead of ruining the furniture/wooden floor - But I do love to hold it in until I just can't hold on any more.

yep that one way to do it

No matter how pee shy you may be, if you gotta go bad enough it's going to happen! I've taken "witnessed" pee tests and managed to fill the cup because I was practically ******* my pants.

ya that soundes like an intresting ida :)


well id proly win one cuz iv made it a habit to hold it all day dering school<br />
i hate puplic bathrooms