I need someone who will control my bladder, and tell me what to do. Make me push the limit. I love obeying. Make me desperate(;
Emslave Emslave
22-25, F
14 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Hold on!

******* hot!

Mmm that wohld be absolutely amazing ;) Message me anytime at all! :)

mmmm.... sounds like fun. Would love to stretch your pee hole, too.

Would love to. Could you add me into your circle?

wanna swap pee pics

I'd love to control your bladder. Make you desperate enough to beg, even though you know i'm going to say no ;)

i would love a try!!

Hey :) add me?

Ill control and humiliate you. Add me

I could, if you would like. :)

Message me


Message me please :) thankyou

Message me! (:

I would love to

Message me? I need to go now

Hey! Message me! I'll gladly be strict with your bladder and take it past it's limits ;)