Rubber Sheet For Ever

"Trained" by a Nany until 7. Punishment by putting brown rubber sheet in my bed. Wet my pants after 7, be scolded and humiliated. At 11 found "my" rubber sheet hiden somewhere. Good smell. Pissed on it in the toilets. When with other kids, I loved to find a rubber sheet in their bed. Married young with an intelligent wife who let me some freedom. During business trips I choosed motels were I knew there was a rubber sheet. Wet half the bed and slept on the other half. Now that my wife is deceased I have a rubber sheet protecting the mattress with a linen on it. Good warm feel. If I want to avoid a lot of laundry I put a red rubber sheet on the sheet with a towel. Once in a while I use a diaper.

lucmartin lucmartin
70+, M
2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I too have a rubber sheet on my bed it is the fameley rubber sheet been passed down for 65 years but just as good as the day it was bought

My youngest brother had a redish brown rubber bedsheet and when there was nobody around I would wrap myself up in the other half kept in a cupboard.A few years later when I became sexually aware I would buy rubber gloves to ********** with then other items ( a diver's drysuit hood and then a Latexa fetish hood ).
This progressed to a full on fetish suit with lots of accessories and meeting people with the same interest.
That was over forty years ago but my drive and enthusiasm has not diminished one iota!