Why Not Have Fun?

I believe it's not about where you are at but who your are with that can make things fun. However, I do also believe you have to be happy in your environment. If you are not happy in the place you live than it may be difficult to enjoy the people around you. But, I am a person that makes the best of everything and can have fun no matter what I do and it is definitely more fun to have those type of people around. Surround yourself with positive people & there will be positivity! It bothers me when people judge when an "adult" is acting childish...granted there is a time & place but if in the right place have FUN for crying out loud...let loose!!! haha! So in otherwords, I am going to have fun no matter what & if someone doesn't like it then I will make them like it!!! As long as I am responsible why not?!? :)
brwneyz713 brwneyz713
26-30, F
May 21, 2012