Young And Horny

I just want a man to lick me ******* to **** and make *** so hard
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19 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Ii love lick *****

I would thoroughly enjoy this! I may bury my tongue in that ******* a few times though!

I will lick you until you make stop!

Please add me. Then we can have a nasty chat.

i would tongue **** you til you *** about me sliding my niner in there ???

Ah, my dear. just wear a high heel and come n dance in front of me.. i would put ma saliva and kiss n lick ur *** cheeks and spread out n lick that glory hole, while rubbing ur pusssy.. aahh..i wannnaa taste n suck those 2 holes and while u dance naked on stilettos ..mmuaah

Mm that's a perfect day. Can lick them after you potty (

Wow that's hot.

I'm your guy. I go down for hours and pay attention to both spots. I love it

I'm 18 and thats what I've been dreaming of my whole life :)

I would do it

I would lick your ******* do deep and make you *** so much

My favorite pastime... Open wide, young lady! Or better yet, just sit down on my face. I'll do the rest!

maybe suck nibble on you ****?

Id would realllly love toooo do this for you !!! ;-)

mmm id do that and more babe ;)

I love doing this to girls ;) drives them crazy

Check out my story, love to hear what you think - and to become friends

Anytime! Mmmmmmmm