It Takes Three To Tango. Three Guys For My Wife, That Is....

My 33 year-old wife and I had driven our 27’ rv to the KOA campground near Barstow, CA (Calico) to spend a warm Thanksgiving weekend alone in the solitude of the desert. There was only one other group camped near us, a group of 3 middle-aged males tent-camping in a pretty good sized tent – probably a six or eight-man tent. It was hot that year, and we simply wore swimsuits on our walk to the campground showers. We noticed the men enjoying my shapely wife, and I could tell she was loving it – giving them a little extra wiggle here and there. God, I love women and how they work us! Personally, I was hoping they’d come over and peek at her while she showered, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Walking back, we introduced ourselves to them, and they invited us over to their camp for a beer after dinner. Linda made sure she brushed the guys lightly with her hand, stood close them and gave them a good look at her many charms, and you could just feel the heat. I think she was at the horny part of her cycle, prime time for interested males to try their luck. They could have ****** her any time, but didn’t know it yet.

After dinner, she asked me if I’d mind if she went over to their tent for some fun, and of course the rising tent in my swimsuit gave her my answer. We decided she’d simply tell them I’d had too much to drink and went to sleep. Of course, I wasn’t asleep, - as it grew darker and later I was stroking myself, peeking out the window shade from time to time to see how things were progressing. They were all drinking beer, and eventually I saw my wife standing up, making out with the tall guy as one of the others removed her swimsuit top. As this progressed, they all went into the tent, my wife topless holding hands with one of the guys. That was the last I saw of them until my wife returned about midnight. Not being able to see any of this made it all more erotic and my **** was about ready to explode as she told me about what happened.

The guys had folded up their cots and made one big bed on the floor of the tent. The guy she was making out with laid her on the floor while they all undressed, and he rolled her bikini bottom down and off, and started eating her. Some pictures were taken, - wish I had a copy! Being kissed lightly on the ***** or eaten is usually all it takes to open the sexual floodgates with my wife, and this time was no different. She told me that as she laid their on her back, they took turns ******* her. She described it as what it must be like to pull a train (something we wanted her to do, but were never quite able to arrange), although there were only three of them – a perfect sized group in mind. The two guys not inside her at the moment were pinching her nipples or had their ***** in her mouth or were rubbing their ***** on her until their turn came. This went on until each of the guys had *** in her at least twice, or couldn’t go any further. There was no doubt what had happened, as her ***** was so sore she asked me to *** quickly in her and to not go deep. The wet spot under us was growing, and her legs were pretty much soaked due to so much ***, and me enjoying having my fingers in her, enjoying her *** filled *****. What a night!

The next day, Linda went back over there before lunchtime to say hello. Only one of the guys was there (the others had gone somewhere) and she spent most of the afternoon with him in the tent. It was hot again, and when she returned she was so happy to be in the cool rv, under my tongue. We had a hot, sweaty, but gentle **** and eating session. Some of you guys have experienced this before – since I knew my wife was sore, I just put the head of my **** in her *****, and let myself *** shallow without much deep stroking. ******* that way produces an exquisite sensation, especially after your wife has just been laid by another guy and you know you will eat her after you finish ******* in her.
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Definitely beats any camping trip that I have ever been on :D

I would probably have already worn my **** out by stroking it and ******* so many times just waiting for her to get back. I would loooooooove to have my wife tell me to take it easy with her because some strangers had ****** her until she was too sore, though....that would get my **** hard as a rock again no matter how many times I might have already ***!!!

We were very lucky - it was like it was meant to happen. The campground was mostly empty, everyone was horny, my wife was at her most fertile time and looked sexy as hell. The only thing that could have made that weekend better was if there had been a video made inside that tent. :-))) We were both sexed up for weeks after that.

Very HORNY story ,watching her going in a tent topless with three horny men would make me so hard .What a wonderful wife you are .<br />
That's my dream to have an RV and go to nude resorts with a HOT lady and watch guys **** her in our bed.

It can be pretty intense in the camping scenario, nh. An RV (or tent) can be confining, so everyone knows what is happening all the time. And, the showers aren't usually big enough (unless it's one of the larger luxury motorcoaches) for two, which takes some of the fun out afterwards. My wife always likes showering with a lover and that is fun to watch! Still, the queen bed is pretty tight with three people in it, so my wife often asked me to sleep over the cab while she entertained her lover. When the cab started into a slight bounce, I always knew exactly what was happening - made it even hotter.

That sounds so HOT !

One of the hottest parts of that weekend was watching my wife entering the tent topless with the guys. That image is seared into my mind and still gets me hard. I'll bet it's still seared into their minds as well. My only regret is that we didn't exchange phone numbers with the guys.

My wife and I have stayed in that KOA more than one time. I showed her your store, and she said dam!!! That as never happened to us. She sure did have a hot time, and I only wish that it could have happened to her. One time down in Texas, we meet a younger fellow in a campground that was a real nice guy to talk to. The third day there he made a comment about my wife how nice she was, and I asked him right out if he wanted to **** her. Boy was he surprised. When he said sure, I told him that I would have to talk to her about it. When I mentioned it to her she said hell no, but lets have him over for dinner. I knew that her mind was working, and after dinner wer had a couple of drinks,. when my wife said why don't we all sleep together in our bed that night. Boy there was a lot of sucking and ******* going on that night. Twice during the night I woke up to find them ******* each other. The next day she said that she lost track of the number of times that she had ***, but she knew one thing that there would be no more sex until her ***** felt better. We had to leave that day, and the young man sure hatted to see us go. My wife asked if we could stay another day, but I said what about your sore *****, and she said lets get out of there.

Wicked story! What a hot wife you have!

Very hot story! I'd love to RV camp with you and share both our wives!!