My First Prostate Massage

 well it happend when i was on holiday and i meet one lady she was older than me , so she call me one day to her appartment and she told me that she want to have sex with me but that she is a little strange , she told me that only if i accept that will do everything what she said will have sex with me , so i was too horny that moment and i said yes , she toke all my clothes and told me to lay down on the bed but on stomach , then she spread my *** and start licking it and i felt nice , after some time i was soo relaxed then she put a finger in my *** i didnt complain that was the agreement , after that she put two , she put some cream and then she put tree fingers and star playing i came immidiately  , but she continue to massage me and very soon i came again , after some time my whole body was shaking and i wanted more but she told me that now is my turn to do the same on her .

that was my first experinace with prostate massage , and i really want to do it again .

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Hi, my wife and I recently got involved in prostate massage, at first for med. reasons . my prostate needed to be "drained" I liked the feeling so much it has become a regular event, last time my wife got me soo relaxed she managed to get her whole hand in my ***...what an awesome feeling.....try it ;)

please tell my wife

i like prosate massage after an enema,makes u crazy,im in nj

I must admit, the sensation I get from pressing on my prostate is simply exquisite. I can milk my **** for hours...

May i *** with u please

I hope you get your wish. Sounds like fun...

yes i live in dubai but here you can see a lot of kinky things that you cant see on any other place , and yes i was on holiday when this happened , andi would really love to repeat it again and again

Sex practices that are behind closed doors and hurt no one should never be against the law.

Although his profile says he's from Dubai, it also said he was/is on holiday and that could mean he's out of town when this happened.