So Far:only Medical But Maybe Someday...

So far my prostate massages have only been medical, and mostly when I had been wearing men's underwear. But a few times stand out.

I was in an accident and flown to the hospital in a chopper. It was a teaching hospital so in addition to real doc who checked for rectal bleeding a number of students had fingers up my ***. I was out of it pretty much but I do rember two things about this event. One is that I was wearing black nylon panties when a female student slipped her finger up my butt.

Years later, another exam at a new doctor's office. He had his PA do my exam that day. She told me to get on the table for my exam and then pull down my (sorry about this) men's briefs. I got confused and took them all the way off, facing her, then got on the table for the exam, like the male doctor has me do. It's been several years since that but I've never had her do my checkup, even without the prostate check. My regular doc does them annually; he always jokes "smile for the camera". The last time he did that I told him I'm thinking a sexy nurse is doing this. My prostate is enlarged so he does a thorough check and I respond with a few drops of precum.

The last time I was to his office I had restarted wearing women's panties and that time I had on the satin pink ones. I didn't expect he was going to do the prostate exam that time and he didn't. The woman Who Is In Charge Of My Life called me afterward to ask what color panties I was wearing. Her asking was a thrill, but no cigar: no prostate exam, he didn't see them.

MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
70+, M
Feb 16, 2010