My Favorite...

I've had sex in public places a number of times, but my favorite has to be the time that a lady friend and I had sex in a pool in a public water park. We had been roughhousing and taking the slides all day long, and had felt each other's wet slippery bodies rub together more than once. We decided to take a break in one of the smaller pools, sitting on a shelf off to one side. There were quite a few others in the pool, so my lady sat on my lap while we hugged and kissed. I gently and slowly slid my hand down her back and under her buns as if to stabilize her some, while in reality slipping a finger or two in the leg hole of her suit so that I could rub her ****. She wound up getting hotter and hornier, turned more toward me, and had a leg on each side of my waist. We kissed in that position for a while, and then I slowly slid the crotch of her suit off to the side, and slid my fingers inside. After fingering her for a while, I slid my waistband down a litttle and pulled my hard **** out. She slid a little closer, and I slid inside. It was incredibly exciting sitting there inside her with others around...we rocked together a little, and made the smallest movements that we could - until several minutes later I came deep inside of her. She came not long after.

We sat there for a little longer, got me back in my suit, got her crotch back in place, and noticed quite a few people staring at us with big smiles on their faces.
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Very hot! Would love to hear more of your exploits :)