Sex In Downtown In A Convertable

My girlfriend would come over one night a week through the week and then usually spend the whole weekend with me. The reason we had this arrangement was she worked 3 cities away and had to be at work very early. Now to start the story. It was a wednesday morning and sabrina called me and asked what I wanted for dinner tonight. So I told her fried chicken, what she lacked in her cooking skills she made up for in looks. So she told me that is all I ever ask for when she cooks. I didn't have the heart to tell her that was the only thing editable. So I said we will just go out to dinner. She said I will see you at 5:30. I told her to bring her short skirt and a sexy top. The last time I saw sabrina was sunday afternoon I was anxious for 5:30 to roll around. So I get home and was greeted with a hug and kiss jump in the shower and get ready to head out. We go to dinner at a local steak house. As we are eating I asked her what do you want to do after we eat. She states that she has never been to a ***** club, and one of her distant friends works at one. I told her that I would take her there as long as she tips one of the girls dancing. After a long thought process on her part she agrees. Well we sit down its not very busy due to wednesday night so we have one hole section to our self. Sabrina gets a few drinks in her " liquid courage" and gets comfortable. There is a dancer that comes over and starts dancing on our table. So sabrina stands up and tips her 5.00 the dancer kisses her on her cheek moves to her ear then pulls her top down and sucks on her nipple. I thougt.Sabrina was going to *** right there. When she sit down I asked her if she liked it she giggled and nodded yes. So I reached over and stuck my hand between her legs and she was soaked. I asked the dancer if she could do it again and gave her a 50 she guided us to the prvt room took the rest of her accessories off and pulled her skirt up and top off. She guided my hand to sabrina's soaking wet ***** and she started kissing all over her body. Eventually she reached down and rubbed her **** about 4 times and sabrina went in to spasms. So we went back had a couple nore drinks and headed out. Got in the car she let the top down and as we are driving home she reaches over and statts to give me a blow job as I am going through down town. So I reaxh over and hike her skirt up so that her bare *** is exposed and sticking up over the door panel. She tells me to pull over. So I find a park at the lake she lays over the hood of the car and tells me to **** her. You dont have to tell me twice so we are going at it and tells me she wants me to *** in her ***. I pull out and slam it in her as and fill her up. We we settle back down there is a boat coming to the dock with a spot light that has apparantly been shinning on us, and some people night fishing on the dock. So we hurry jump in the car and get out of there. Get home and she wants to have sex on the balcony of my appt. But that is a story for another day. We had an audience there also.
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