Submissive Night On The Town Continued Parts 1-5

Here is the experience continuation Part 5


Although I have been out of the life style for a few years some of my fondest memories are of Laura one of my favorite subs. 

Part One

Laura was a 40 yr old married executive who loved to be humiliated. To see her in her vanilla life you never would have guessed.  She dressed very conservatively showing as little flesh as possible. It is a long story how our paths crossed but she was a lot of fun for a little over a year.

 Our first date was one I am sure she will never forget.  She came over to my house in  what I am sure she considered a sexy out fit  which was a skirt slightly above the knee and an extra button undone on her blouse.

 When she walked in the door I never said hello.  I commanded her to *****, get on the floor on all fours with her legs spread and her *** in the air because she needed to be inspected.  I told her to spread her *** cheeks and ***** to see if her holes were worth my ***.  I told her to stay in that position with her face on the floor and her hands holding her open.

 I made her stay in that position for at least 5 minutes while I finished getting ready.  When I came back I inspected her shaved crack by taking two fingers and putting them inside her drenched ***** and stretching her first from side to side and then top to bottom.  I then inserted a finger in her *** and spread it wide. I let her get to her knees and instructed her to lick my fingers clean.

 Laura was told to get dressed but not put on her bra, panties, or panty hose because we were going shopping for a proper outfit for her.  She had a look a genuine fear in her eyes when she said, “Shopping? What I am wearing is fine.” I told her, “Yes we are going shopping and I will decide on what is proper and what is not.”

Part Two

We got into my car and the first stop was a store that specialize in club wear.  I picked out 3 or 4 outfits that were a size or two too small.  I had her come out of the dressing room with each one and made sure that she was on display even though she pleaded with me not to.  I selected a skin tight semi-sheer black dress that just barely covered her *** and nipples and matched them with thigh high hose.  It really was a little small because every time she walked or moved her *** cheeks or nipples would show but it did not make much of a difference because it was pretty obvious she did not have anything on underneath it. 

She took me aside and was pissed off.  She told me, “She would not walk out of the store wearing this. You can see my nipples and my ***** shows when I walk!  This is way too much! This is not fun anymore”  I told her she could leave any time she wanted but reminded her that her bra, underwear, and panty hose were safely locked up at my house and it might be a little difficult to explain to her husband why she came home with out them.

 I knew I had broken her when there were tears in her eyes and she said, “OK, I will do as you wish.” I held her briefly, gave her a kiss and said, “Of course you will do as I wish. You are my little **** and it is good you have finally realized it.” With her eyes properly lowered she asked in a whisper, “What now Master?” 

I smiled, looked into her eyes and said, “We are off to the mall to my favorite shoe store. A **** needs proper shoes or their feet will get cold.” She looked at me and now crocodile tears were rolling down her checks.  “Please Master not that. There are too many people, how can I be fitted when my dress does not cover me.?” Again I just smiled.

Part Three

We walked out of the store with Laura tugging at the dress every few steps to keep it in place as much as was possible. She was looking incredible beautiful and incredible slutty.  Once we got to the car I told her what a good little **** she had become.  I opened the car door for her and instructed her to pull down the top of the dress.  We were in a parking lot but she did as she was told.  I then had her put hands console with her *** in the air and hot slit fully exposed.  I could her he softly crying murmuring, please no please no.

She gasped when I put my fingers inside her and I could not believe how wet and swollen she was.  I thought to myself what a typical Sub, “She is crying and ******* at the same time.” With my fingers working her crack I asked Laura, “Why her ***** was so wet?” Moaning she answered, “Because I am a ****.” I then asked her, what do ***** need?  Just barely able to respond she said, “They need their Master’s *****, but please Master not here people can see.” 

Using the door as a partial shield from view I unzipped my pants and my rock hard eight inch **** just about jumped out of my pants.  I grabbed her by the hips and slammed it into her hole almost knocking her into the front seat of the car.  I slowly slid my **** out of her and slammed her even harder. She let out something between a scream and a growl and started to yell for me to **** her hard. My **** was going in an out of her like a jack hammer and she was bucking like a wild horse.  I was getting ready to come and I said, “**** do want my ***?” She gasped, “Please Master I need you to shoot your hot *** in me!”  I withdrew my **** completely and drove it in her as deep it would go one last time.  I could feel the *** rushing up my **** and out into her drenched ***** as s she orgasmed  again and again with her ***** grabbing my **** so tight it felt like her hand not her hole. 

I must have pumped a lot into her because it was running out of her and down her thighs. Laura collapsed across the front seats of the car with her feet still on the pavement and legs spread.  I manage to get my still hard **** back into my pants and looked up to see young guys standing close by.  Apparently they had been enjoying the show judging from the bulges in there pants.  I called them over and told them I wanted to introduce them to a friend of mine.

Part Four

Laura was still in a coma lying across the front seats and never heard me say anything to her new fans.  Her fans were young. I am guessing around 18 and athletic.  The came closer to the open door and got a full view of Laura’s swollen dripping *****.  I said, “Sweet heart, I have some friends that want to meet you.”  Laura freaked out and struggled to turn over and cover herself.  Her struggles only made things worse.  Both of her breasts popped out of the dress which had now had worked its way up to her waist.  I told her to sit still and not move a muscle.  She obeyed and just sat there not making any eye contact with her admirers. 

I said, “Boys this is Laura,” “Laura say hello to your new friends.”  She answered in barely a whisper, “Hello.” I explained to them that she was a *** addict and would **** and suck anything that had a ****.  Go ahead ask her to suck you *****. 

One of them was a little braver than the other.  He said, “Will you suck my ****?” Again eyes down and whispering she said, “Please I want to have it in my mouth”  He did not have to be asked twice.  Laura went to town sucking his rock hard **** and a second latter she had his friend’s **** in her hand.  She would alternate between sucking and pumping. 

Our show must have turned them on because she worked on them for no more than a couple of minutes and they exploded in her mouth and on face.  They drenched her. One of her eyes was cummed shut, *** was running out of her mouth and down her chin, and another huge wad was running down her neck and onto her chest.  I smiled at the cummy mess she was and said, “Now Laura thank the boys.” She said, “I do not know your names but thank you for your *** and your *****.”

The evening was getting late and we still had shoes to buy for our date.

Part Five

She adjusted he dress as much as possible and got into the car.  She reached into her purse and got out some Kleenexes to clean herself up.  I took them out of her hand and told her there was no reason for a **** not to have *** in her and on her. She just nodded her head and said nothing.

It took us a few minutes to get to the mall and I purposely parked as far from the shoe store as possible.  Laura got out and asked if she could use the bathroom when we went inside.  I informed her that ***** did not need bathrooms. If she had to go she was to do it on the ground.  I had her go to the front of the car and I turned the lights back on.  She did not need to lift her dress because as soon as she squatted it when way above her ***.  In the bright head lights she looked like she was a ******* **** on stage.

You could tell Laura’s stomach was in a knot when we got to the door of the mall.  I gave her a kiss, told her to be brave because this is what she needed. I assured her I would be ten feet behind her to keep her safe from harm and we would meet at the shoe store. 

As she walked the length of the mall she got more stares and nervous laughs than you can imagine.  My view from behind was perfect.  Every few steps she was tugging at the dress but no matter what she did you could see my *** and her ***** juice coating the insides of her thighs not to mention that she still had drying *** on her face, neck and chest.  About half way to our destination four or five guys stared following behind. Ever little while one of them would drop something and look up her dress to get a nice view of her drenched *****.  

We reached the shoe store and I caught up to her. It was toward closing time and we were the only people in the store.  The store was trendy and the clerk was a slightly Goth looking girl.  She took one look at Laura and her eyes almost popped out of her head. She could not believe anyone would wear an outfit like that in public.

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