I Like Sex Outdoors

I have hadsex outdoors, in many places, and some strange at that.  I have had sex, at the end of the runway, where I live, and was seen by the pilots, and passangers, as the aircraft was landing and taking off.  I have had sex in the bottom of a canoe, and that's pretty hard to, do if you cannot swim, and the motion is a slight off(rocking motion).  i have had sex in a city park with children, just a few feet away.  I have had sex while camping out in broad day light, with this guy and know one ever noticed, we were at a rock concert, and he went down on me and I went down on him, and know one noticed, or aleast i think?  I have had sex while i was fishing, didn't catch any fish, but I saw the biggest worm, and I took it in my hands till it got hard, and placed it ever so gently to my mouth and.........well you know the rest of the story?  I have had sex after a rescue mission.  This one was fun, but I want go into details, about this one.  If given the chance, I would like to have sex anywhere outside as long as it it warm. but I did have sex in the dead of winter, but that's another story?

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 24, 2010